Simple Ways to Set up HP Envy 4520 Printer

HP envy 4520 is the latest version of HP printer, which plays an important role in completing printing tasks. It has the latest and amazing printing features and functionalities, so it has become an advanced printing machine. The main tasks of this printing device are copying, air printing, duplex printing, and scanning. If you want to set up HP envy 4520 printer, you can call certified printer experts through  With the help of certified experts, you can set up HP envy 4520 printer appropriately. Printer set up is the primary step for users, which needs to be completed through printer setup.

Step1 – First of all, you should place the printer box on the plain surface and eliminate printer device from the printing box.

Step2 – Secondly, you have to take out all covered equipment nearby hp set up 4520.

Step3 – Thirdly, you have to connect one side of power cable to the back side of 123 hp envy 4520 printer and connect other side to the power source for keeping the machine charging.

Step4 – Now, Click on “Power” button to power on your preferred device.

Step5 – Pick up the ink cartridge to get the easy access of door in your printing machine.

Step6 – Remove the ink cartridge from offered package and put it in the cartridge box. Make certain to put ink cartridge on its particular slot correctly.

Step7 – After completing installation procedure of ink cartridge, you need to close access door of the cartridge.

Step8 – Now, you should open paper input tray in 4520 printer device set up to load papers for printing smoothly and quickly.

Step9 – Put the load of the papers of similar size in the paper tray, and move down with paper slider to make straight the papers.

Step10 -Then, you need to close the printer paper input tray fully.

Thus, the primary setup process of HP printer set up of model number HP envy 4520 printer device is now completed successfully. Then, you should download HP 4520 printer driver to improve the printer machine’s performance.

Published by robert duvall

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